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Easy, and fast image based assessments that can help you uncover your nacks, quirks and personality style in under 10 minutes!

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Personality science like never before

Image based tools grounded in scientific models, delivered at blazing speed, that produce rich individual insights. Personal strengths, development areas, career fit as well as friend comparisons all available in under 10 minutes!

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Career exploration that’s approachable

Thousands of jobs curated to your preferences, designed to spark inspiration for undiscovered career pathways. No more, essay length inputs. No more tricky statements. Engaging experience that takes full advantage of modern tech.

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Simple inputs,
super insights!

We strive to build our tools to be incredibly inclusive! Our minimal use of language is intended to help individuals from various groups and backgrounds engage with tools and experience the rich insights they can bring about.

  • Big 5 personality report
  • Strengths and blind spots
  • 1000s of jobs matches from database
  • Friend comparison report
  • Detailed job profiles, salary and job specs
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What others think
of our experience

“Scarily accurate for myself, albeit it challenged me on my personal view of myself. Forced me to be honest with myself.”


“As individuals I think we often think we are or behaviour a certain way so it is good to have this confirmed or alternatively have our eyes opened to something different.”


“This definitely helped me to understand myself better and I would love to see what insights it can provide on my team, how they work and how to interact in a way that plays to their strengths and their needs.”


“Well I’m really impressed, I didn’t feel really confident. It made me understand that I have good opportunities, a career path I can follow. It’s a great way to realise they have potential. Anyone can benefit, especially if you’re looking at career changes, not sure which way to go. I would recommend it to anyone!”


“Knowing that I have potential. The test with personality and careers or avenues I can go into. I’m a bit older and it gave me an understanding that there’s other career choices I never thought about. It gave me the understanding that I had potential that I can go out there and choose another career.”


“Pictures and animations were very cute and made the experience more enjoyable and bearable. The assessment at the end was surprisingly accurate.”