Redefining assessment applications of human potential

Traitstack is a technology and design startup focused on modernizing and redefining assessment applications of human potential. We bring technology and science together through design. Our goal is to craft incredible experiences that are frictionless, engaging and meaningful.


Each one of us is unique and interesting. What does your personality look like? Find out your strengths and orientations in this 10 minute test.

The Traitstack Insights is based on the most researched personality framework to date; the big five. Sure, you’ve probably already heard of conscientiousness, openness, neuroticism, extraversion and agreeableness. In all likelihood, you’ve probably even taken a really long questionnaire before!

Our difference? The desire to open-source psychometrics! Make it understandable. Make it fresh! Apply modern design to an old science. The result, a brief survey with carefully crafted visual questions that tap into your five core personality tendencies.

Discover your personality


Our interests and motivations inform the types of tasks we prefer to spend time on. Find your perfect career fit, the training requirements, average salary, tasks, and demand.

Pathways is an innovative career diagnostic tool based on Holland’s Inventories. It uses vivid imagery and only takes five minutes to discover career matches based on your interests utilizing the world’s largest job classification database.

Pathways module matches the user to jobs that align to their interests and presents career related information for over 1300 different jobs (e.g., job overview, knowledge, skills, responsibilities, technology, personality, educational investment and related jobs). We’ve completely re-imagined and redesigned the information to be more palatable.

Explore your career matches

"The images made the questionnaire a lot more fun. It is easier to stay focused than with a regular format."

- Traitstack user

"Pictures and animations were very cute and made the experience more enjoyable and bearable. The assessment at the end was surprisingly accurate."

- Traitstack user

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