Traitstack Mission

When we started to think about how we could positively impact the world and create meaningful change we decided to start with the individual. Because if we could achieve this with an individual, even one individual, we would create meaningful change. Our goal was to build products that are inclusive, accessible and engaging. To spark inspiration and propel people down a path of self discovery and exploration. 

Our focus, based on our skill set and capability, is to redefine assessment applications of human potential. We modernize and provide easy to use experiences that are engaging and frictionless. 

Our first project, Traitstack Insights, is an image based personality assessment that uses the five factor model of personality. We developed an image based version of the personality test to contend with socio-economic and educational barriers. In theory, an image based tool would better serve at risk groups (e.g. youth) by being more approachable and understandable as it would not rely on text heavy inputs. The initial prototypes were extremely well received by users and exploratory statistical validation showed the overall shape and structure of the data to be similar to traditional word based personality tests. The personality models were then mapped to potential career alignment. 

While there is a link between career preference and personality, we wanted to build a dedicated toolset that would help users illuminate potential career options. This work quickly highlighted that vocational profiling tools remained unchanged in decades and had little to no relevance to today’s audiences. Economic downturns due to the global pandemic expeditated our desire to build something that helped individuals evaluate their careers preferences, especially in circumstances where they were forced to shift and change.

So our second project materialized: Traitstack Career Pathways. This tool is a simple career diagnostic based on Holland’s Inventories. It uses vivid imagery, takes only 5 minutes and links to O*Net; the world’s largest job classification database. Traitstack’s approach is engaging and fresh. We’ve completely reimagined and redesigned the information to be more palatable. We aimed to create innovative career tools to help people better understand themselves, inspire and open up new career possibilities. The results of the quiz curate meaningful career options related and aligned to an individual’s career motivations and interests. 

The common theme across both of these product releases is our desire to create experiences that lower the barrier of entry to receiving quality advice. Our passion is particularly around experiences that engage at risk groups, and bridging the gap in terms of inclusiveness and accessibility. 

Traistack’s north star, our mission, is to provide people with experiences that empower them, spark self discovery, improve their career trajectory and uncover other pathways, help them understand themselves and how they connect with others.

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